Why hate us?

One question I often ask myself is why hate on something or someone you know nothing about.

Today an article was written in the Daily Telegraph, as it is well documented they do not have the best relationship with Max. This is very unfortunate. To have our quotes taken from a video they watched and not actually from us as people is quite sad.

The journey Max and I travel on is unique, we are fully aware of that. What we have is genuine, true, love and amazing. If people could put their negative opinions aside and focus on the fact that people can actually be happy no matter the age gap, sexuality or race than the world could be a much happier place.

We have OUR version of this story to come out… So stay tuned…

I would like to say THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart to our amazing supportive family and friends. You have always supported us as a couple and what we have. You have never judged and you are still with us today. We both love you.

Society tells you to think that being in a relationship with an older/younger person is wrong! Why I ask? 

Comments such as starting a family when Max is old… Why not? You can pass away at any age and a lot of kids grow up in a one parent home. As long as that child is loved and adored and has beautiful memories there is no problem, and quite honestly I am capable of being a great Mother!

Another term thrown around loosely. “Gold digger” really? I work full time as a Nurse, I put in the hours and I also am paying off a mortgage and car (not that I should be justifying myself). If you actually read up a bit you would see Max was hit hard in the GFC and I was still there supporting him through those very tough times!

So trolls on the internet your comments are not warranted nor needed. You don’t know us, but I’m sure if you did your opinions would change. Take time to think before you write.

The likes of Kristy Hinze & Jim Clarke ( who have the same age gap) are happily married with 2 beautiful children. They both work hard as do we. So where is your problem? I can hear you all saying… It just looks wrong. Maybe to you it does… But to us it doesn’t.

Follow our journey to continue to see true love that will last forever.

And Max is in great health, so am I. And we will live a happily long life together.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. 


“love is”

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