Online trolls

This is one of many definitions of an online troll.

Unfortunately in today’s society our world is ruled by social media… With social media comes sad, sorry people with no life who sit behind a computer screen to upset, degrade and try humiliate innocent people.

Yes I may have my life in the spotlight. This because 

1- I choose to be on social media

2- I chose to Marry a man who was once associated with a football team

3- I document parts of our life on this blog.

Since Sunday I have finally found out the true meanings of trolls! I have had the most horrible things said to me and about me, most of it I’ve heard before, but some I haven’t. Why? All because I have chosen to be in a ‘unique’ marriage that is ‘different’ and may look socially wrong to you. To us it feels real, it may not look right but we have so much love, we adore each other and we are happy within ourselves and our life.

There is no point in trying to fight with these people are no matter what they think they are right and my honest opinion will not change what they honestly believe. It’s all about “Not feeding the troll”. It is pathetic to think that people believe it is ok to sit behind a keyboard and write nasty things about someone else. I guess it just proves that your life must be boring, you are shallow minded and have your own insecurities and problems in your own life that you must ensure it affects everyone else’s. You must think to sit behind a computer screen you are some sort of a tough person.

Do you not see the damage this can cause to people? The depression it can bring to a persons life? Look at some of our favourites in the past who succumbed and took their own life due to these online trolls. These being children who are subjected to bullying and celebrities. Imagine what the families left behind have had to endure? Just because something may not suit you, or may look different or may not be what you think it should be, does NOT give you the right to verbally abuse someone over the Internet. Cyber bullying is rife. Is this something you want to teach your children? Or imagine it was you or your child on the end of this cyber bullying?

I’m not going to lie… It’s been tough, it’s been hurtful and it’s been a very sad few days for me. Does this mean they have won? No! I am strong, I am from Maroubra, I have an amazing husband and a beautiful family, I have so much support not only from friends but also people I haven’t spoken to in a long time and even random people and I guess it just proves that I am human with feelings and emotions to.

I understand that having your life in the public eye leaves you open to scrutiny. I was also taught- if you don’t have any nice to say, don’t say anything at all. That is hard for some!

I’ll leave you with this…

Before you comment next on someone else life or choices… Take a look at your life. Is it perfect? Does it REALLY worry you or impact you in any way shape or form? Would you like to be on the receiving end? How would you handle it? Would you like your children & future generations growing up seeing what you have written? Would you like your loved ones subjected to such bullying? And would your employer be happy if they ever saw how you reacted via social media? 

Just think about it…..

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