2015 what a year…

Like always it started with a bang… Melissa, Max and myself and our neighbours were at a restaurant on the Gold Coast celebrating, dancing in the street to a live band and like all others enjoying the view of the fireworks over the Broadwater. 

2015 was an amazing year for Max and I. 

We spent our first year in QLD.

We met some wonderful  people, attended events and functions, hens parties, Bucks parties, birthday parties, dinners, lunches, weddings, had an overseas trip, interstate trips, spent time with family and friends and made some amazing new friends, shared our story with the world and of course MARRIED. 

To share our story with the world was a tough decision. A decision that was not made lightly. It could have gone either way for us- they support us or tarnish us- thankfully they were in favour of us… I was lead astray.. I was told by the Daily Telegraph that our wedding would go in the back of the paper as the wedding of the week. I remember Max woke me up at 7am to tell me this was not the case. We were front page then page 9 of the Sunday paper. This caused much drama,  cyber bullies to come out of the woodwork and even some family to turn on us. Very sad but true.. I guess it proved to us who REALLY supported us and who supported what we have and had for the past 5 years. And proved to us that just because you may not agree with what we did does not make it ok to be nasty! This was OUR choice to share our story with A Current Affair, our way of silencing critics, our way to prove to others it is OK to find someone older to love and if you love someone older than who cares what society says or thinks, it’s ok to stand up to bullies as these people are faceless, and it’s ok to share your love with the world. Why not scream it from the roof tops if that’s how you feel?

2015- Max got hypnotised! Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long while…

2015 my Mum turned 60!! Way to go Bernie 

We attended friends weddings

Hens parties

And most importantly my dear husband turned 70. 😊

His niece got engaged, my best friend got engaged (I am a bridesmaid next year), my cousin had a prescious baby boy, my best friend a gorgeous boy, friends had babies, first birthdays happened and at the start of the year I started my dream job as an Anaesthetic Nurse in a hospital up on the Gold Coast, business for Max has been improving and going well and we travelled overseas.

One of my most memorable moments of 2015 was meeting an amazing lady called Betty Klimenko. Betty we met during the GC 600 and is the owner of Team Erebus in the V8 Supercars. You may have heard of her from her father John Saunders (co owner and founder of Westfield). Betty is a humble, outstanding, caring human being, so down to earth and so positive despite the bullying she has received. I still remember her telling me that whenever these bullies get to me, write their name on an egg, pick up that egg and smash it against a brick wall, Than never think of the person again. I have taken that advice with me throughout this year. It was by shear coincidence I met her. I guess they say you meet people for a reason. I believe I met Betty to help me through a tough time, to be my pillar of strength, to continue to be my support and friend and a phone call away when I need a chat. We spent 2 days with this incredible woman and her husband and have a forever friend. We were also blessed to meet Lyne and Mark.

Max and I farewelled Geoff Toovey in a great function organised by Mary and Kyra.

We stood on the hill at Brookvale oval with the REAL supporters of Manly. Since the Penns took over Max had his ticket taken off him- saying they had no funding! Real reason is they don’t like him, never have. I guess they forget this is the man that saved the club in 2002 from going under and being thrown out of the league, this is the man with just an hour to spare handed over millions of his own fortune to save a club his 2 sons loved, the fans loved and the sunny field association loved and it was their weekend, this man is an amazing human being! My husband. No one can take away from him that he took them to grand final berths one including 40-Nil the greatest in NRL history, you can’t take away his passion for the club and supporters and you can’t take away what he did for that club. We proved this- By being told we could no longer get tickets we sat with the REAL people. I remember one lady messaged me so sad, she was dying from cancer and offered Max and I her tickets in the Jane Try stand because she could no longer attend. We thanked her but couldn’t do that. I will always remember that ladies generosity. The fans loved it! They chanted Maxs name as we walked over to the hill, he got a standing ovation, handshakes, people cheering, buying him drinks- This was way better than sitting in any corporate box! We showed the Penns. Everyone wore Delmege jerseys in honour of Max. It was amazing!

But the best part of 2015 and it has been mentioned before….

We married. On the 18/9/2015 at 3:30pm I became Mrs Delmege. The best day of my/our life. So many wonderful memories that will never leave my mind.


As we welcome in 2016… We wish our followers, family and friends- Good health, prosperity, all your dreams to come true, more babies, more weddings, lots of happiness, more time with family and friends and Max of course a Manly Grand final win, me another Souths win…. This year we will again be celebrating in a restaurant over looking the Broadwater where the fire works are and you never know…. We hope it will be our last in QLD. Where will 2016 lead us? Only God knows that answer but I hope it’s on an amazing journey.

You will be able  to read more about our journey in 2016.. I will keep you posted of this happenings, we will be telling our story and continuing to share with the world a beautiful love story.. We now blog, I love fashion blogging, posting photos of life and you can follow us on Instagram and Twitter @maxsam44 and continue to follow our journey. 

Until then, stay happy, stay safe and always remember if your healthy your wealthy.

Happy 2016 may your dreams come true ❤️💕

Samantha & Max


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