Turning 32

As I lay here and write my blog I am now 32 years old… I have the last 4 days been celebrating with family, friends and the most amazing people any girl could ever wish for in their life.

Day 1- started at dinner with a dear friend from work who is my “Mum away from my Mum” at a beautiful Italian restaurant at Runaway bay.

Night 2 we were with the most amazing, caring, loving, generous woman any girl/boy could wish for in their lives. She is so down to earth and lovely. We went to Cuccino Vivo at the Casino- drank cocktails (red corvettes), she shouted and toasted me a vintage bottle of Dom Perignon which I must admit I don’t even drink champagne but I don now 🙂 followed by a delicious Italian meal and Pinot Grigio.

This lady is beautiful and Max and I count our blessings to know and be able to call such a wonderful person our friend.

Day 3- MY BIRTHDAY! Of course I woke up with a hang over. Cocktails, champagne and a mixture of wine was fun at the time but not the next day! We went to see the Revenant at the movies, which mind you was long, drawn out and boring! To be frank. I think I even fell asleep. Then off to bed at 7pm for a 12 hour sleep.

Tonight night 4 I write this at 22:18 (QLD) time. I had the most special lunch surrounded by the most beautiful people. My friends, my new family and my amazing supportive husband. This topped off by more drinks at the pub where we met an old friend Josh and had more drinks!

My liver will hate me tomorrow but I have decided it is the day of rest! The Sabbath!

This birthday has been great, memorable and gone for 4 days! The only thing missing was the 4 beautiful children (I won’t delve any further). My heart sinks, my heart aches and my heart yearns for these children. No call, no text… No nothing….

32 we start the year in the hope of many good things.. A family for Max and I, a fresh start, more friends, bigger and better things in our career and hopefully a move to Sydney. My best friend asked the other day, “if we move to QLD would you move home” definitely not, I love my best friend, I love her little family and I want to be closer to them.

My sister leaves the GC in 2 weeks… This will be a Hard day for me… A day I don’t want to think about, she has been my support network, my go to when no one else could help, my sister…. The only family I have here. I will miss her dearly and I will be more home sick then ever.

Do I go home? Do I stay?

Up here I have a great job, I’ve met some amazingly special people who I will hold close to me heart forever, I have been able to live a Beautiful life and I have Maxs sister and brother and nieces that I love spending time with. But my family is my family and my friends I have been friends with for over 15years, some much longer! My heart breaks when I know I can’t be there for them, I can’t attend all events and I can’t just drop in for a chat!

As I live my life up here I will continue to thrive, do my best and try succeed. 

THANKYOU everyone involved in making my 32nd birthday week the best yet. I have had the best 5 days, drunk lots, eaten delicious food, been surrounded by supportive family and friends and enjoyed every bit of it. I understand not everyone has time to take 1 minute out of their day to wish you a happy birthday. I have over 500 friends on Facebook, I’ve come to realise half of them aren’t even interested in me as a person but rather snooping at my journey, are they friends…? No… It’s not hard to wish someone a happy birthday! I guess this like most important events in your life proves who is important and who is not.. Some didn’t even wish us luck for our wedding! These people I will slowly delete from my life. As Mum says you don’t need snoopers or uninterested people, social media is a powerful network and I do share a lot of personal photos etc… So if you can’t say happy birthday or congratulations on my wedding- unfortunately I classify you a snooper!

I truly am a lucky and blessed girl… Bring on what your throw at me 2016… I’m ready!

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